Spend your winter in Almerimar, Spain: Is Almerimar a good snowbird location?

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Almerimar is a town in the province of Almerìa. Almerimar is a modern built town with a lot of holiday homes and apartments. It is located on the coast of El Ejido. The town of Almerimar is built between dry and barren land, like an oasis.

‘Ensenada San Miguel’ is the official name of Almerimar. The town was founded by a famous businessman Agustín González Mozo. This region is famous for the greenhouse fruits and vegetables.

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Why should people stay in Almerimar during the winter?

Like the rest of the Mediterranean region, the temperature of Almerimar stays pleasant throughout the year. Winters are mostly dry, with just a little rain once in a while. Almerimar gets a high score for most(ly) sunny days. In the winter it is a quiet place, do not expect a lot of activities.


Almerimar has pretty pleasant weather in winters although it gets a bit chilly in the evenings. Average temperature of the region is around  18°C (64°F). Due to the colder evenings and nights heating in your residence is advised.

For more climate information visit Meteoblue

Things to see in Almerimar

Almerimar has some places that are worth visiting:

  • Playa de Almerimar: It is one of the magnificent beaches.
  • Campo de Rugby Almerimar: A park alongside the beach. You can enjoy the breezy air while relaxing around the greenery.
  • Almerimar Port: The beach is a kilometer long. It has clear sand and shallow waters.
  • Charcon de Punta Entinas: It is a natural preserve with a lake. It’s surrounding are rocky and is a nice place for walking. You can also walk to the beach from there.  
  • Lago Victoria: It is a natural reserve park with several activities depending on the season.
  • Castillo De Guardias Viejas: It was built in 1769 and is a must-visit place.

Things to see not far from Almerimar

There are several things you can do from Almerimar. Here is a small selection:

  • The Alhambra Palace and Guadix: It is a castle located nearly at a 2-hour distance from Almerimar. It is also called the red castle, one of the finest architecture you will see. You can book tickets at https://tickets.alhambra-patronato.es/
  • Cave Hotels: You can stay in real caves but with the comfort of home. It is located in Guandix. https://www.andalucia.com/guadix/accommodation/cave-houses.htm
  • Alcazaba in Almería: It is an ancient site with incredible history and extravagant architecture.
  • Lankester Gardens: It is located 22 km (14 Miles) from the east of Almerimar. It is a garden with thousands of varieties of flora.
  • Castillo de Malvera: It is an archaeological museum located 11 km (7 Miles) from Almerimar.
  • El Palmeral Park: A nice park located 11 km (7 Miles) from Almerimar. It is like an oasis with waterfall and palm trees.

Activities in Almerimar in the winter

Almerimar is quit in the winter, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing to do:

  • Carnaval: The carnival that takes place in February is amazing with lots of activities and exuberant colors.
  • Día de San José: This festival is held in the Honor of St Joseph and is also known as Father’s day. At night there is live music and celebrating.
  • Yoga classes: A lady named Ogla provides yoga services. She has set up her studio in her own house. Her facebook id is https://web.facebook.com/SiriGaitri/?_rdc=1&_rdr . There are other spas and wellness centers in Almerimar as well.
  • Bird watching: There are several spots where you can do Bird Watching as there are many incredible species of birds that fly by. You can get the details of sites and bird species available here http://www.sanjosespain.com/webdocs/docs/twitchingalmeria.pdf.
  • Sailing: You can enjoy the water currents of the Mediterranean Sea even in the winter in Almerimar. There are many companies that offer you a trip into the sea at reasonable prices. 
  • Cycling and walking: There are proper tracks made especially for walking and cycling. There is a walking trail called “GR7” which crosses through the Sierra Nevada and continues towards Alpujarra. There are signposts all along the trails and books and guides are also available for the ease of visitors.
  • Boats Trips and Excursions: If the weather is nice, take a boat trip and excursion from Almerimar harbor. Almerimar has a proper yacht club where you can rent boats.
  • Golf: Amerimar has its own 18-course gold course.  
  • Fitness: If you like to keep fit you can find gyms with group training in English. 
  • Horse Riding: You can book Horse rides at the Hotel Cortijos del Sotillo. You can ride into the beaches of Genoveses and Mónsul.
Spend your winter in Almerimar, Spain: Is Almerimar a good snowbird location? 15
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Shopping + Restaurants. Are they open in the winter?

Many of the shops and restaurants in Almerimar will be closed in the winter, or are only open on weekends.

Almerimar several supermarkets that are also open in the winter. Like:

  • Mercadona: Supermarket
  • Lidl: Super market
  • Victor Fernandez Center: Fishmarket


The nearest airport is in Almeria, around 60 km (37 Miles) from Almerimar. By bus it will take you around 3 hours (https://www.rome2rio.com/s/Almeria-Airport-LEI/Almerimar). By car you can take the A-7 to get to Almerimar and it will take around 40 min. With a taxi it will take you less than 1 hour to reach Almerimar and will cost around €60 (approx. $70, £54, $93 CAD, $97 AUD).

There is a bus in Almerimar that will bring you to the different parts of the town or nearby locations. You can check https://www.checkmybus.com/almerimar for some of the routes. Expect a less-frequent timetable during the low season. There is no train station in Almerimar. The nearest train station is in Almeria.

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Almerimar just has one medical center, area servicio andaluz de salud almerimar. The nearest hospital is not far in El Ejido, from Almerimar. You can expect that there will be English speaking staff to help you. http://www.ephpo.es/.

There are a few dental clinics options in the region with a good history of satisfied customers like:


  • There are enough apartments and rentals in Almerimar for a (long) winter stay.
  • You can get a smaller studio apartment or flat from €350 (approx. $414, £319, $546 CAD, $568 AUD) per month. Prices may vary according to facilities.
  • You can get a small house, fully equipped and furnished starting from €650 (approx. $769, £593, $1014 CAD, $1055 AUD) per month.
  • You can also visit Idealista for some good options. www.idealista.com

Winter Camping 

Almerimar does not have a camping close to the city. We found one camping 10 km (6 Miles) away.

  • Camping Mar Azul: There is 3 type of plots (small, large and extra-large), prices vary according to the plot size and start from €15 (approx. $17, £13, $23 CAD, $24 AUD) per night. http://www.campingbalerma.com/
Spend your winter in Almerimar, Spain: Is Almerimar a good snowbird location? 17


If you have a Camper or Motorhome there are 2 locations in Almerimar where you can park your motorhome and also get facilities.

  • Puerto Deportivo Almerimar: pitches available for motorhomes, camping and all with all the facilities. You can visit www.campercontact.com for more details regarding this place.
  • Parking Almerimar: there are 20 pitches available with all the facilities and some are for free. You can get a spot from €10 (approx. $11, £9, $15 CAD, $16 AUD) per night. www.parkingalmerimar.com

Other locations close to this location:

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