Spend your winter in Davenport, Florida: Is Davenport a good snowbird location?

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Davenport is a small town in Polk County, Central Florida. It is very near to Orlando, which is famous for its many theme parks. But Davenport also has interesting opportunities for its visitors, its main attraction being the peace and serenity this small town has to offer. You can enjoy day trips to popular, and busy places nearby, and the next day relax in a much quieter environment. It is perfect for a short or long winter getaway to escape the busy life, and enjoy a vacation while living close to nature.

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Why should people visit during the winter?

Davenport is the perfect place to visit during the winter due to its remarkable weather. Even though Davenport is close to Orlando, which is a very busy and touristy place, the town is quite peaceful and serene in the winter. Do not expect a large crowd. The winter season is perfect for outdoor activities that cannot be enjoyed during the hot humid summer. You can have a great time just strolling in the parks, planning picnics by the lake, taking a nice boat tour to explore the wildlife, or cycling around the town.


Davenport experiences hot, humid summers and cool, dry and partly cloudy winters. The average winter temperature ranges from 72°F - 78°F (22°C - 26°C). Even though you will see the sun a lot during the winter, most days will have some clouds as well. The winter period normally does not see hurricanes (the hurricane season is from June to November).

For more climate information visit Meteoblue

Things to see in Davenport, Florida

Davenport is a small peaceful town with several things to see:

  • Northeast Regional Park: This Park attracts a lot of visitors with tons of activities for everyone, like picnics, walking trails, fishing, and playing sports. This park is the best place to visit if you want to spend a day close to nature.
  • Highlands Reserve Golf Club: With a beautiful landscape, located at a high point, this is one of the best golf courses in Florida.
  • Lake Davenport: You can enjoy a day close to nature at this breathtaking spot with many activities like fishing, walking, and picnics.
  • Wallaby Ranch: Although this ranch is famous for being the largest hand gliding park, It's beauty and, surrounding wildlife make it a must-visit place.
  • True Blue Winery: This place serves the best blueberry wine made from their own orchard. You can also pick your blueberries at their beautiful orchards.

Things to see not far from Davenport, Florida

Davenport is near to several popular tourist places with enough things to see and do:

  • Bok tower gardens: Located at 22.3 Miles (36 km) from Davenport, this is a 250-acre garden, with a bird sanctuary. Its signature is a 205-foot tall Singing Tower that has carillon bells.
  • Theme parks in Orlando: At a distance of 22.3 Miles (36 km) lies Orlando, which has many great world-class theme parks to choose from like SeaWorld, Universal Studios, Discovery Cove and Disney World
  • Lakefront park Kissimmee: Located at17.5 Miles (28 km) from Davenport, this place is a paradise for nature lovers. You can spend your day walking at the trails, fishing or enjoying a picnic by the beautiful lake.
  • Lake Marion Creek Wildlife Management Area: You can spend your day close to nature, enjoying wildlife at this place just 8.9 Miles (14 km) from Davenport.
  • Bob's Balloon, Championsgate: Located just8.7 Miles (14 km) from Davenport, this place is famous for hot air balloon rides with beautiful views of central Florida.
  • Croc Encounters: For those daring and looking for a bit of adventure, this place, located at 60 Miles (97 km) from Davenport, offers close encounters with alligators and crocodiles.

Activities in Davenport, Florida in the winter

Davenport has the perfect weather for enjoying many different activities during the winter period:

  • Enjoy Nature and Wildlife: Davenport is a heaven for nature lovers. It gives you the unique opportunity to enjoy wildlife, fishing at lakes, enjoying picnics near lakes and walks in the parks. Many airboat tours are available that adds to the experience of viewing wildlife.
  • Play Golf: Davenport is home to world-class golf resorts like Highland Resort Golf Club and Champions Gate. Here you get the unique opportunity to play golf at golf courses designed by champions.
  • Christmas celebrations at Theme Parks: The mood of celebration and festivities are usually high during the Christmas season from November to January. A lot of fun activities are available to celebrate Christmas at all the Theme Parks in Orlando which is very near Davenport.
  • Cycling: Davenport is a small, peaceful, and beautiful place, perfect for a bicycle trip to explore the city.
  • Wine and Dine at True Blue Winery: This place is very famous among visitors with a unique opportunity to pick blueberries from the orchard and taste blueberry wine while enjoying a hearty meal.
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Shops & Restaurants. Are they Open in winters?

Davenport is a small town, but most of the shops and restaurants are open during the winter. The place most famous for eateries and shopping is Posner Park Shopping Mall. Disney Springs is another place famous for shopping and dining. All the latest brands and shops can be found in these places. Besides the high-end shopping options, you can even find some great farmer's markets in Davenport to get all the organic and fresh produce along with your daily essentials at reasonable rates. If you are looking for large shopping centers you can go to Orlando, around 40 min by car.

Davenport offers many types of cuisines, such as pizzas, tacos, burgers, ice-creams, etc. Food in this small town will not disappoint you as you will have plenty of options to satisfy those taste buds. Even though the town isn't famous for a local specialty, you can always visit the True Blue winery which is well-known for its unique blueberry wines.


The nearest international airport is Orlando International airport (MCO), which is located 40 Miles (64 km) from Davenport. The nearest domestic airport is Winter Haven's Regional Airport, 14.1 Miles (23 km) from the center. From Orlando International airport there are multiple options to travel from and to the airport (Uber, Taxi, and car rental).

Amtrak Train stations are present in nearby cities of Winter Haven 15 Miles (24 km) and Kissimmee 17 Miles (27 km) that connect with many popular destinations in Florida. You can find more information about their schedules online at (https://beta.amtrak.com/).

Davenport shuttle bus transportation services (http://www.floridashuttletransportation.com/) provides two types of shuttle services, private and shared to around 40 destinations in all of Florida. Rental cars and taxis are mostly used to travel within Florida.

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If you need some medical support Davenport has some good options available nearby. The medical staff is extremely professional, and emergency cases are promptly handled. Some of the top-rated hospitals in the area include:

Dental care is also available when needed:


There are many different rental companies present in Davenport. In winter you will often find better deals than in the summertime. You can find a nice place to stay from around $600 (approx. €511, £468, $798 CAD, $832 AUD) per month. Some of the more popular organizations are:

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If you are traveling with a Motorhome, many options are available for RV parking. All facilities at these sites are up to the mark and offer a lot of convenience to the visitors. Some of the best options are mentioned below:

Other locations close to this location:

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