Spend your winter in Peoria, Arizona: Is Peoria a good snowbird location?

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The city of Peoria is located in the Maricopa and Yavapai counties in the state of Arizona. The city was first established as an agriculture community but later transformed into a modern city, and is not a major suburb of the city of Phoenix. Peoria is recommended for snowbirds because of its glorious prairies as well as the tropical weather. The city is also known as the 13 Miles (21 km) Valley of the Sun13 Miles (21 km), due to its high amount of sunny days per year. The city is occupied with attractions on both lakes and land. Peoria city ensures a high quality of living by offering all the necessary amenities required for a perfect resorting experience along with a snowbird friendly weather.

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Why should people visit during the winter?

Peoria is a wonderful location that must be visited in the winter, as the summer is to warm for many. The warm weather forces you to come out and relax in the fresh atmosphere. The weather of the city averages 300 days of sunshine per year. There are many places you can visit and things to do, explore the city and surroundings on foot, and taste the delicacies of the city.


The winter weather of Peoria is mild and warm, but the nights can often be chilly. The city has an average high temperature in January of around 67°F (19°C) and during the night it can cool down to around 37°F (3°C). It is advised to take appropriate clothing with you, and have a heating system in your property.

For more climate information visit Meteoblue

Things to see in Peoria

Peoria is an important winter sun location. There are many places that you can visit in the area:

  • Sahuaro Ranch Park: It is one of the oldest ranches in the valley; this 17-acre Historic Sahuaro Ranch houses historic buildings, a barnyard, a rose garden, and orchards. The Sahuaro Ranch offers various outdoor activities, exhibits as well as guided tours.
  • Lake Pleasant Regional Park: This scenic desert oasis is surrounded by the Sonoran Desert. The Park offers various adventure and recreational activities like kayaking, fishing, camping, and scuba diving. You can also enjoy the desert landscape and desert wildlife.
  • Peoria Sports Complex: It is a world-class sports and events facility. You can attend various parties or similar events and even attend the MLB basketball games.
  • Scorpion Bay: It offers fishing, ski boat rentals and you can also enjoy mountainous views. The Bay also offers dining along with world-class marina services.
  • Arizona Broadway Theater: It is a great outlet for theater lovers. You can find regular and varied plays in this theater. It also serves as a diner if you are craving continental. Food is served during the intermission.

Things to see not far from Peoria

A small selection of things you can do or visit in neighboring towns and places:

  • Pioneer Living History Museum: You can visit this museum to be educated on the history of the 1800s. The museum is home to authentic infrastructure as well as historically accurate reproductions of the 1800s. You can also visit The Mercantile which is a gift shop in the museum. It is located 24.7 Miles (40 km) from Peoria.
  • Black Canyon Trail: It is a 74.8 Miles (120 km) point-to-point trail. You can visit the trail for camping, picnic, running, hiking, or cycling. It is located 26.1 Miles (42 km) from Peoria.
  • Heard Museum:  Dedicated to the American Indian Art, the museum houses 12 exhibition galleries, free guided tours, outdoor sculpture gardens, a renowned cafe, and much more. It is located 13.4 Miles (22 km) from Peoria.
  • Phoenix Mountains Preserve: It is a group of parks and peaks located 14.8 Miles (24 km) from Peoria. You can visit the mountains for picnicking, hiking, running, wonderful views, horseback riding, and wildlife watching.

Activities in Peoria in the winter

There are many activities you can participate in during your visit to Peoria:

  • Visit the Market: Peoria is an attractive place popular for its outdoor lifestyle. You can enjoy by roaming in the city with lots of shopping malls, golf courses, parks, and visit the flea markets and shop till you drop.
  • Kayaking/Canoe: You can rent a kayak or canoe and visit the Lake Pleasant Regional Park and other parks to enjoy nature and witness the beautiful desert landscape.
  • Walking tour of the city: You can visit the city with a tour guide and also visit various parks, shopping centers, pavilions, and golf clubs.
  • Art classes: Join an art class and learn how to paint, draw, or start with pottery.
  • Scorpion Hunting: You can go for a scorpion hunt in the Sonoran Desert and use the black light to spot the scorpions.
  • Horseback Riding: You can enjoy horseback riding in one of the parks of the Phoenix Mountains Preserve.
  • Visit the Old Town Peoria: Visit the Old Town Peoria to get educated on the 1800s lifestyle. You can also visit the gift shops for souvenirs.
  • Visit Peoria Sports Complex: Book a ticket for either a professional MLB baseball game or for spring training. You can also partake in various events which take place in the Sports Complex.
  • Spa & Fitness Clubs: There are various health clubs nearby with spas and you can visit these clubs to have quality time and participate in activities beneficial to your health like yoga.
  • Fishing: You can visit Scorpion Bay, Lake Pleasant Regional Park, and similar locations for fishing.
  • Cooking: Always wanted to improve your cooking? Join a cooking class and learn how to cook something special.
  • Golf: Spend a nice day golfing in the 18-hole The Lakes golf course located in the Westbrook Village Golf Club.
  • Hiking: You can go on a hike of the Black Canyon Trail or Phoenix Mountains Preserve and enjoy the refreshing atmosphere as well as majestic views.
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Shopping + Restaurants. Are they open in the winter?

Being so close to Phoenix means that you will find all major stores and restaurants in and near Peoria. There are also numerous smaller and larger shopping malls.

You can find a lot of fresh produce markets in Peoria, such as Peoria Farmers Market, and several others. In these markets, you can find a great variety of fruits, vegetables, and other fresh products. Arizona is one of those locations in the US where meat consumption is higher than average, you can visit Pottstown Meat & Deli for a fresh supply of meat daily. If you are interested in visit souvenirs and gifts you will definitely find something of your liking in The Mercantile souvenir shop, or several similar shops.

There are no signature dishes that are historically related to Peoria but you can find some comfort food that is popular in the city. You can find many cuisines from different ethnical backgrounds like Chinese, Mexican, and Italian, etc. Sonoran Hotdog and dishes with red beef are local favorites. There are also options for vegans like Pita Jungle-Arrowhead.


 The nearest airport to Peoria is Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport located about 17.6 Miles (28 km) from Peoria. There are various airport shuttle services available which you can use, you can take a taxi, rent a car or take an uber to reach the city and vice versa.

The transit division of Peoria is well-established. There is the citywide Dial-a-Ride bus system with fixed routes, and there is also the Peoria On The Go (POGO) circulator bus route. There are both inter and intra-city bus transfers.

There are two train stations (Amtrak) available in Peoria. If you want to enjoy the prairies while traveling to another city, then you can take the railway option. There is also the Valley Metro Light Rail that you can use in part of the Phoenix, but sadly it does not run until Peoria. But it ties in closely with the Valley Metro bus system.

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In Peoria, public and private health facilities are located in town and are easily accessible. The health sector is suitable for a health problem. 24/7 emergency is available in hospitals. Emergency cases are handled well, you can find some of the healthcare centers below:

  • Maricopa County Health Care: Public health care services (valleywisehealth.org/)
  • Sunshine Health Care Center: Private clinic(sunshinehealth.net/)
  • Fletcher Heights  Dental Care: Dental care services(www.fhdentalcare.com/)


There are many different rental companies present in Peoria, whether you’re looking for an apartment, cottage, or villa. Some of the popular organizations that are commonly used include:

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Maricopa County Parks and Recreation: 148 sites for RV and tent camping. It costs nearly for one night. Facilities vary depending on which site you choose to park. For more information, you can visit (https://www.maricopacountyparks.net/)

Paradise RV Resort: 950 RV sites are available. You can get a good RV site for a night with water and electricity. You can enjoy other amenities in the resort as well. Visit (https://www.rvonthego.com/) for more information.

Other locations close to this location:

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