Spend your fall, winter, or spring in St. George, Utah: Is St. George a good snowbird location?

St. George is a famous winter destination in Southwestern Utah and is also the largest city in the area. This winter haven quickly developed into an ideal vacation spot for people of all ages as it featured world-class golf courses, the soothing beauty of nature, and culturally-rich historic buildings. St. George is a special treat for visitors and with the endless opportunities offered, it is almost impossible to not fall in love with the unique qualities of this remarkable valley.

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Why should people visit in the winter?

St. George is regarded as a safe and comfortable city for visitors looking for a sweet winter escape. Its scenic beauty is greatly admired as the valley features luxuriant waterways and red rocky landscapes. Being a popular winter destination, you can have a great time exploring the museums, golfing at spectacular golf courses, hiking, camping and picnicking in the parks, enjoying water-based activities in the lakes, and many more. The beautiful landscape of the dunes, canyons, and red sandstone cliffs also heighten the pleasures offered by the city.


St. George is located at an altitude of above sea level. It experiences sweltering and mostly clear summer, and cold, dry and partly cloudy winter. The average temperature ranges from 31°F (-1°C) in winter. It is predominantly dry all year-round with the months from March to July experiencing the least amount of rainfall.

For more climate information visit Meteoblue

Things to see in St. George, Utah

St George has a variety of good options for visitors to explore. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Snow Canyon State Park: Spending a day at this park is worth every second of your time. Picnicking, strolling, horseback riding, biking, and many other activities can be enjoyed amidst amazing breathtaking views.
  • Pioneer Park: The Park has a red rock landscape and is a great spot for outings. You can spend your afternoons participating in different activities like having a barbeque, a picnic, or simply taking a walk on the trails. 
  • Quail Creek State Park: The perfect place to spend your afternoons. The park provides you with many different facilities and you can actively participate in boating, jogging, and fishing.
  • St George Utah Temple: This 175-feet high historic building should definitely be on the top of your list for St. George sightseeing. The temple's grounds are adorned with beautiful trees and plants, rendering the place much more attractive.
  • Rosenbruch World Wildlife Museum: If you love wildlife, you will cherish the display in this museum where many taxidermic animals from around the world are presented like they are living in their natural habitat.
  • St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson: This place contains a large collection of tracks of various creatures from the dinosaur-era. The exhibition center showcases the lifesize representation of dinosaurs responsible for these tracks.
  • St. George Art Museum: The museum offers multicultural and regional artworks from several eras, and hosts programs and events.
  • Tuacahn Center for the Arts: This place comprises of a scenic amphitheater, an indoor theater, and a shop. Countless visitors enjoy concerts and musicals at this place.
  • Red Hills Desert Garden: The garden is an utter delight for the nature lovers. It has around 5000 plants with bunches of flowers and also a stream laden with native fish species.

Things to see not far from St. George, Utah

St. George is close to popular destinations with many good options for people looking for a day-trip:

  • Zion National Park:  Located at a distance of46.7 Miles (75 km) from St. George lies the first National Park of Utah. Famous for its expansive canyon, and offering numerous kinds of recreational activities, this beautiful place is a must-visit.
  • Gunlock State Park: At a distance of 19.9 Miles (32 km) from St. George, this park has so much to offer. Spend your day swimming, boating, and fishing, picnicking, or walking down the beach. 
  • Kayenta Art Village: Located at11.7 Miles (19 km) from St. George, this place is lovely for the art lovers. Spend a delightful day at the art galleries, spa, and studios and shop around in this delightful village.
  • Little Black Mountain Petroglyphs: Located at a distance of 12.2 Miles (20 km) from St. George, this place is extremely fun and interesting. A short trail around huge boulders will reveal phenomenal Petroglyphs and viewing them is indeed a unique experience.
  • Sand Hollow State Park: Located at 12.6 Miles (20 km) from St. George, this Park encompasses the Sand Hollow Reservoir. Multiple types of recreational activities can be enjoyed in this beautiful place.

Activities in St. George, Utah in the winter

St George has the perfect weather for enjoying many different activities during the winter:

  • Hot Air Balloon Excursions: Several companies offer hot air balloon rides to enjoy the beautiful scenery of St. George.
  • Exploring the Parks:  St. George has a large variety of beautiful parks and offers many activities for people of all ages. There are numerous tours available to explore the parks as well. Spending a day at the park is worth your time.
  • Christmas in the Canyon: This is an event held around Christmas time, at the Tuacahn Center for the Arts and is a live recreation of the "Festival of Lights".
  • Golfing: St George has many golf courses in close vicinity with spectacular views. Definitely a treat for the golfers.
  • Fishing: There are many lakes and reservoirs in St. George where you can go fishing.  Sand Hollow Reservoir, Quail Lake, Lake Powell, and Gunlock Reservoir are common places for a great fishing experience.
  • Exploring the Museums: St. George has quite a variety of museums that can be explored by visitors.
  • Walking/Jogging: Pick a nice trail in one of the parks and keep your healthy lifestyle in check by going out for a walk.
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Shopping + Restaurants. Are they open in the fall, winter, or spring?

Being an important winter destination, the best thing about St. George is the ease of shopping. A large number of shops and restaurants are fully operational during this time and the options are endless. From casual everyday essentials at farmer markets to high-end shopping sprees at the malls, St. George has it all. Some of the popular places to visit include:

  • Red Cliffs Mall
  • Shoppes at Zion
  • Downtown Farmers Market

The restaurants in St. George offer a large variety of scrumptious food. If you're a food lover, this is the place for you to explore. You can easily find what you're looking for as the place entertains numerous varieties of cuisine like Mexican, Mediterranean, Indian, and Italian, etc. Don't forget to try their Fish and Chips which is quite favored among the locals.


St George has its own domestic airport, St George Municipal Airport, and the nearest international airport is McCarran International Airport (LAS) in Las Vegas, located at a distance of 126 Miles (203 km). There are multiple options to travel to and from the airport. Shuttle services, taxis, and car rentals are easily available.

Amtrak station is present in Laughlin that connects you to other popular destinations. You can visit their website for more details. (www.amtrak.com/stations/stg).

St George's public transit system is Suntran (www.sgcity.org/suntran/), it provides three different routes at very reasonable rates. To travel to and from St. George to nearby areas, some good options are the Greyhound bus service, Aztec Shuttle, and St. George Shuttle (www.stgshuttle.com/).


St. George has a particularly good medical center, which is perfectly capable of handling emergencies, the details are mentioned here:

  • Dixie Regional Medical Center River Road

Many dentists are available with two of them mentioned below:

  • St. George Dental Care (www.stgeorgedentalcare.com)
  • Riverside Dental Care (www.stgeorgesmiles.com)
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There are a number of different rental companies present in St. George, whether you're looking for an apartment or a villa. Some of the most popular organizations that are commonly used include:

The price range starts from $750 (approx. €639, £545, $945 CAD, $985 AUD) per month.

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If you are traveling with a Motorhome, several options are available for RV parking. All facilities at these sites are up to standard and offer a lot of convenience to the visitors. Some of the best options are mentioned below:

Packing List

  • Weather: The fall, winter, and spring weather in St. George (Utah) will normally be chilly during the day and cold during the night. Of course in the fall and spring it will be warmer than in the winter. You have to pack accordingly.
  • Warm clothing: Even when you go to a warm location like St. George (Utah) you should not forget to take some things with you for your trip back home. When you return you are adapted to the warmer weather and need something to protect you from your hometown temperatures.

  • Consider the Weather: Always look at the type of weather in St. George (Utah). Things like humidity, wind, and rain do not show up in the temperature graph but can have a great impact on your wardrobe. There are several sites with long term forecasts and climate information. Is there often a short afternoon downpour like in the tropics, you maybe need to take a strong umbrella and shoos that can cope with the rain. If there is often a lot of wind you might need a more wind-resistant coat.

  • Check the local Shopping options: Try to find information about the local shopping options near your location in St. George (Utah). Are there stores where you can buy all your daily supplies, or are some things difficult to get? For some more remote locations, the options can be limited. If a certain item is really important for you might need to take it with you.

  • Look at the Local Culture: The local culture in St. George (Utah) can impact your wardrobe. If most activities are in more upscale locations you might take some more appropriate clothes with you. Or travelling if you travel to certain countries women need to cover themselves in certain areas.

  • Amenities: Know what’s Included in your house or apartment. Is there a coffee maker, a toaster, a washer and dryer, an iron, what is in the kitchen, what kind of towels are there? Things that are there means you do not have to take them with you. A furnished apartment or house can mean something from a few pieces of furniture to a well-stocked place with all the things you have at home. But most of the time your rental will not be stocked.

  • Mix and match: Wear layers so you can use your wardrobe more efficiently. And do not worry about wearing something more often, probably only you will notice this.

  • Important for you: If there is something that is really important for you that you want to have present in your house or apartment, take it with you. This can be something like a special knife for the kitchen, or a small mirror that you use in the morning. You can also purchase it locally if it is not that expensive.

  • Pet supplies: If you take your pet with you don’t forget to take supplies for a few days with you. And enough medication, vitamins, or other supplies if you can not purchase them in St. George (Utah) locally.

  • Food: Don’t take a lot of food with you. Only when there is something you really can not live without you, and it is not too heavy you could consider taking it with you.

  • Towels: Not all locations include bigger towels for the swimming pool or a visit to the beach. If you have to take them and don’t have a lot of room you can buy some big thin towels.

  • Office supplies: Normally you will not find any office supplies in your house or apartment. If you think you will use them you could pack some supplies like a scissor, notepaper, envelopes, some pens, and more depending on your needs.

  • Limit yourself: Don’t take too many shoes and jackets, you will not need them that often.

  • Best-fitting: Bring your favorite and best-fitting items that can multi-function

  • Washer: Do you have a washer and dryer onsite, you don’t need to pack a lot of clothes

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